Some Fun Stuff With My Kids!!!

Here's a small page for random things about my kids. I guess you could call them headcanons, but I'm the one who created them so I guess these things are just all canon then. I just needed a place to put all of these thoughts so I don't forget about them.

Charts and stuff

Thoughts About My Kids

  • Baby will look directly into the light no matter what people tell him.
  • Despite being the youngest child, Babysister was the first to get her license so she could drive Libra to various places (and they could also go on dates properly without having me to drive them there).
  • Libra and Jojo are somehow always at our house. I'm not so sure how they got here, but they are here.
  • Blanky, Baby, and Babysister like to play music together a lot. Baby usually ignores what the others are doing and just bangs on his bass drum as loud as possible.
  • Sometimes Blanky has one of his siblings recite one of his poems whilst he plays an instrument in the background whenever he records his work.
  • Libra would most likely have a youtube channel. She would try to have Babysister on it as much as possible. Her channel would be a combination of things like vlogs, reviews, fashion, makeup, sketch comedy, music, and other stuff.
  • Blanky is the only one fit to make asmr videos.
  • When they're adults, I think Babysister would be six feet tall, Baby would be around five feet four inches, and Blanky would be around five feet eight inches. I also think Jojo and Libra would both be around five feet six inches.
  • Jojo is always holding a baseball in his hand (or it's at least somewhere on him) and on special occasions he allows Baby to hold it.
  • Baby has the largest toy collection out of the three.
  • When Baby and Babysister were young kids they shared clothes a lot.
  • Baby is the loudest one and talks the most out of the three.
  • Baby and Babysister are prone to getting into trouble at school.
  • When they're adults, Libra would have the most tattoos. She probably does them herself.
  • Blanky and Babysister are in a band when they're older. Babysister tries to get Libra to sing on many songs as possible. Babysister even has a guitar with Libra's name on it. Babysister really loves Libra.
  • Babysister is a huge romantic, but always denies it when people say she is.
  • Baby has so many kins. Here are some of them: Gir, Spongebob, Brobee, Yoshi, Chowder, Kirby, Dog (Catdog), Homestar Runner, Flapjack. Babysister only has two kins and they're Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba and Truffles from Chowder.
  • Baby puts a lot of things into his mouth. He doesn't care if it isn't edible. It will go into his mouth. We've been trying to get him to stop chewing on his hands.
  • Babysister can see in the dark.
  • Babysister really does not like loud noises like thunder and fireworks. She'll get very scared and her siblings would have to comfort her.
  • This part might be a little sad. I have an idea of where Baby would have gotten his scars from. One day whenever Baby was five years old, he was playing outside with Blanky who would have been ten years old at the time. He climbed up a tree and he was really struggling to get down from it. Blanky didn't know what to do because he's not the good at climbing things and is kinda afraid of heights. Baby placed his foot down on a branch that wasn't stable enough to hold his weight so it ended up breaking and Baby fell down onto the ground. His face kept hitting parts of the tree causing certain branches to rip parts of his face open. Poor Baby was lying on the ground in such pain. Blanky was so terrified and he cried a lot. Baby got to the hospital rather quickly. Baby got a little brain damage from that fall, too. I hate thinking about this. My poor little baby boy :o(.
  • I had an idea of what they would each be if they were in the circus. Baby would be a sword swallower since we likes to put things in his mouth. Babysister would be a knife thrower and Libra would be her assistant. Libra would also be a trapeze artist and so would Petra. Blanky would be a mime and would jokingly fight with Jojo the clown. Their fights are part of their act.