Playskool Babies!!!

This is a page dedicated to my three beautiful children: Blanky, Baby, and Babysister! Pictured above are the three of them! On the top left is Babysister, top right is Baby, and below them is Blanky. I have had them for many years and will continue to be with them for the rest of my life until I die. I love my children very much and they make me very happy. I am not so sure what I would do without them! I guess you could say they are my comfort items since they do bring me a lot of comfort.

Here are their bios if you would like to know more about each of them:

Here are links to other pages:

Links to other things relating to my kids:

  • Their tumblr page. I post any photograph I take of them on there.
  • My art of my kids. This is all of the art that I've posted of them on tumblr.
  • Take this quiz to see which child of mine you are.