Licensed Toys


I love Brobee so much!! My friend bought the first Brobee for me on the left as a Christmas gift. If you squeeze him he will say "my name is Brobee," "I was born to play, let's go," "hugs are fun," and "hooray!!" Baby really loves Brobee. Every time I squeeze Brobee and he says something, Baby replies to what he says. Many times Babysister has told Baby that he does this all the time and Brobee is always going to say the same four things and Baby will always reply with the same things. The Brobee on the right is from a different friend which was given to me on my birthday. I thought about fixing up his eyes, but I think them being messed up looks cool and makes him look more loved.


I got them from Dave and Buster's. I'm a sucker for 90's Nickelodeon stuff even though I was not alive in that decade. I like that you can put them around your neck kind of like a neck pillow, but it isn't quite long enough to be used properly like one.


Cookie Monster is very fuzzy and very soft. Elmo is also very fuzzy and very soft. Ernie is just Ernie. I got Cookie Monster in October of 2021. I like the fact that he is larger than my Elmo doll since that's how they actually are on the show. I got the little Elmo in January of 2020. Elmo was my favorite Sesame Street character when I was a kid and he's still my favorite! I got Ernie at a consignment store. I saw a few dolls of him there and I did see one of Bert, but he was wearing pyjamas and I would prefer to have one of him in his regular clothes. I wish there was a set of them there. I hate that Ernie is by himself without his husband. That's so sad. I hope to find a Bert doll someday and I also hope to find some more Sesame Street characters out in the wild.


They're so big! I got them from Dave and Buster's. I really like the size of Jake. You could use him for a Finn cosplay. I think I thought about using him for that once, but I never got around to getting the cosplay together. They're also nice to use as pillows.


Finn is my favorite Star Wars character. I love him so much. I wish he was written better in the films and wasn't pushed off to the side. He should have been the main character! I got both of these in the clearance section at Wal-Mart.


Georgie is my favorite Peppa Pig character. The one on the far left laughs whenever you squeeze him. He was the first Peppa Pig doll that I got. The one of him holding his dinosaur was given to me by my friend. The small Georgie was a birthday gift from my parents. The larger Peppa was from the Easter section in Wal-Mart. She has a zipper on the back of her and you can put stuff in her. She is kinda uncomfortable to touch. The smaller Peppa was given to me by my parents on Christmas. My dad didn't know that Georgie was my favorite so that's why the small Georgie was given to me later on. I wonder how many more dolls I could get of Georgie.


I have a few Hello Kitty dolls. The large one is a Build-a-Bear one. I do still have her bow, but it won't stay on her. The tiny Hello Kitty doll that is wearing blue was from McDonald's a very long time ago. I don't remember where the other small Hello Kitty is from. I also don't remember where I got My Melody from. I love My Melody. She's probably my favorite Sanrio character.


A friend of mine bought that little Joe for me. Only one company made a plush doll of him so he's a bit rare and expensive. He is so tiny and I did not expect him to be that small. He's cute, though! Joe's my favorite host from the show so I needed to get this guy at one point in time. I got the Steve doll first and I think he looks quite interesting. He seems to have the most dolls out of the three hosts which makes total sense since he's been the host for the longest amount of time. This doesn't really look like Steve to me. He looks more like a generic white man than the actual Steve. Well, Steve is kind of a generic white man, but in a different way. They got his nose really wrong, it's not large enough. His face shape it kind of wrong, too. There are other things that are also wrong about this doll, but it's a thing that they get wrong on pretty much any merchandise of him. His shirt always ends up being slightly incorrect. He doesn't have white cuffs nor does his collar look like that and his shirt should be tucked in. At least they cuffed his pants. His face is fun to squeeze. This dude also talks! Here's a video of phrases that he says.


I love Lola so much!! They're the most expensive doll I ever bought. Lola is the pink alien that hangs out with Gerard Way. I don't care for Gerard anymore, but I still love Lola. They're so soft. I used to take them around with me everywhere. Their thumbs got pretty dirty because of that.


I got this little piggy at a consignment store. I was so glad that her price was discounted because in the end I only paid eight dollars for her. She is so beautiful. I am so glad that I have her. She is so perfect. She's just a little baby piggy.


Another duo I got from Dave and Buster's. They look so weird in a three dimensional way. I think they should stay two dimensional, but you can't really do that when you make dolls. I'm sure this was the best way to make them.


I think I got Pikachu from Dave and Buster's. I think if Pikachu were slightly larger, they would be a good (and kinda accurate) size for a cosplay (I'm not planning a cosplay, it's just a thought). I got Squirtle from a yard sale so Pikachu wouldn't be so lonely. They're besties.


I got these two from a thrift store. I thought they looked quite interesting for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. They were being sold as a set, but they don't look so similar. I learned that they are from Pearson's Simply Primitive. They're not even toys, they're meant for decoration. Well, Andy has a tag for them. I would assume Ann is also from that brand, but I don't know.


I randomly bought this guy at Wal-Mart because I thought he looked really cool and he is quite soft and squishy. I looked up the show that he was from and found out he's from some stupid B*tch Fartman show and it made me so sad. I hate that guy so much, but this robot is so cute. Whatever! This robot is mine now and I only got him for two dollars.


This cat is from Animal Crossing. I got him from Target in the clearance section. It's fun to grab his body and shake him around because of his very large head. I kind of do this with a lot of dolls, though. He is also very soft. I really like his tiny shirt.


I really love Teletubbies. My friend gave me this doll for my birthday. His face was partially covered in something soft at first. He looked so nasty, but then I cleaned him up a little. I removed all of the soft bits (accidentally took some of his eyes with it) and gave him a little bath so now he's perfect! There's still a little bit of the soft parts around the edges of his face that I couldn't really get all the way off, but it doesn't really bother me all that much.


I bought this little guy at Goodwill. He is quite soft and quite squishy. He is pretty small, too. Baby loves to hug him! I like grabbing his snout and pushing his nose in.


I absolutely love Yoshi. He's a green dinosaur. Green is such a great color and dinosaurs are so cool. My favorite color when I was four was green and I thought dinosaurs were really cool then and I still think they're cool. Of course I would love Yoshi then. I got him from Barnes and Noble and may or may not have forced my brother to buy him for me.