Clown Time!


I've been really wanting to get one of these clown dolls for so long and could never find any in the wild until now! So awesome that I was able to find one of these. They're so beautiful. I am unsure how we settled on this name for them, but it's a good name.


Jesse is a small jack in the box. Sometimes he doesn't come out at the right time. The hook that keeps the lid down doesn't move the way it should. Sometimes it doesn't come out all the way so the lid can pop up. I got Jesse at a thrift store. He looks so cute. I saw a much larger version of him once at Goodwill.


Baby's boyfriend!!! I have a feeling that the knitted parts were handmade and they used the head and the hands of a previous doll and just gave him a new body. His face is similar to that of Ice Cream Dolls. I wonder if his head and hands were from Fibre-Craft. I feel like that might be the case. I'm pretty sure the ball he is holding is a baseball, but the lines on it aren't the right pattern. They're very close to it, though. I adore his little smile. I took his overalls off once and his body looked so odd. His head also came off once and it was so difficult to get it back on. That was very scary, I thought he died!


Tasty Jams is the first clown that I got. I also got them from a thrift store. I really love their color scheme. My brother keeps saying they're a Mardi Gras clown. He could be right about that. The pink, purple, and gold look so good together. Maybe one day I should try to recreate their makeup on my own face. I would need some cool clothes to go with the look.


Toilet Water is much larger than Tasty Jams. I think Toilet Water is older since they do look like it. They're missing a bell. I really like their outfit. I've had this doll for a few years now and I'm not so sure why I gave them that name, but I guess the yellow of their clothes can resemble toilet water if there's a certain yellow liquid in it.