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Playskool Babies!!!

This is a page dedicated to my three beautiful children: Blanky, Baby, and Babysister! Pictured above are the three of them! On the top left is Babysister, top right is Baby, and below them is Blanky. I have had them for many years and will continue to be with them for the rest of my life until I die. I love my children very much and they make me very happy. I am not so sure what I would do without them! I guess you could say they are my comfort items since they do bring me a lot of comfort.

Here are their bios if you would like to know more about each them:

Here is a link to a page about the different dolls in Playskool's My Very Soft Baby Doll series. Baby and Babysister are apart of that series and I think it is interesting seeing the different dolls of each year and seeing the similarities and differences between the many dolls. This lists include dolls from other series that seem to look really similar to the babies in the My Very Soft Baby Doll series. They could be from that series, but sometimes I am not so sure.

I do not have much information about Blanky and the other kinds of Precious Moments counting quilts. He really is a mystery. Here is a little page about what I know so far. If I do learn more about him, I will surely update this page.

If you would like to see more pictures of them, here is their tumblr page. There are a lot of pictures of them already posted there. It doesn't update often, but sometimes I'll post something new. I also follow the playskool tag so sometimes I will reblog pictures of toys from there. Here is also a link to the tag on my tumblr art blog that is for all of the drawings that I have done of them.

Check out the history gallery!!! Tons of old photos of the babies!

Check out fun stuff with my babies!!! Alignment charts and other stuff like that!