Garfield Sightings

Garfield used to be a friend of the Johns at one point in time. He seemed to have been around them in the 1980s and then stopped being with them afterwards. I'm not so sure what happened in their relationships, but he hadn't been with them since. The Johns have never mentioned him in any interview and would always deflect any question asked about him or they would say they don't know who he is. It is quite odd. Why would they hate this cat so much? What did he do that made them cut him out of their lives that harshly? I'm not here to investigate, but I am here to share the pictures that I have found with him in them.

Something interesting has just happened recently! Garfield has appeared at a They Might Be Giants show! On the 22nd of August, 2019, Garfield has been seen playing alongside the Giants at their show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Garfield hasn't been seen with them in thirty years!!! How come now he is back with them? Was he ever forgiven for what he did? What did he even do all of those years ago? I would like to know, but there is no need to pry about someone's relationship with another. I'm glad to see him back. I hope he's been doing well during all of those years he has been gone from the public. I wonder if he intends to join them again for another show.

The Backstory

Here is the actual story I came up with to go along with all of the random pictures. All of this is a joke and I thought of all of it on my high of drawing Garfield into different pictures of They Might Be Giants. I hope you enjoy the little story.

Let's begin. Here is a little drawing of the first time that the Johns met Garfield in nineteen eighty whatever. It looks like Garfield is staring at Linnell's butt, please ignore that. I kind of like how this drawing looks, I think the style is very nice, but Linnell's feet seem a little off. Garfield became their friend because he has a lot in common with Flansburgh. They both hate Mondays, love lasagna, are orange, and are cats. They're perfect for each other! Here is more proof of Garfield and Flansburgh being the same. Flansburgh is a taurus just in case that picture didn't make any sense to you.

The main problem with this is that Garfield started to become quite mean to Linnell. He enjoyed terrorizing him and loved kicking him in his shin. He would always kick him in the same place so that area would not stop being so black and blue. Garfield also loved to trip Linnell. Flansburgh would invite Garfield to their shows and would let him tour with them. Linnell absolutely hated this. Sometimes Flansburgh would ask Garfield to give them some percussion on some songs which is why you see him above with his cymbals and triangle. He was never considered an actual member of the band, just a friend who would jam out with them sometimes. Garfield also had this problem where he would refuse to pick up his shit, but he only did this around Linnell. I don't understand where this joke came from, but kids think poop is funny and so do I. Garfield also would only eat lasagna and that got expensive for the Johns really quickly. He was also always cranky on Mondays and it was frustrating for them because his bitterness would stay on their minds whenever they would perform and it would sometimes end in a terrible performance for that day.

Linnell had stated to Flansburgh many times of his horrid experiences with Garfield, but Flansburgh found it difficult to believe that Garfield would do any of those things. Garfield was always nice to Flansburgh. The only negative experiences Flansburgh has had with Garfield were his difficult behavior on Mondays and his expensive lasagna. He knew that his best friend was more important to him than this random cat so he had to do something about this.

It had came to the day where they had to break up with Garfield. Flood was almost out and they needed this cat out of their life. Flansburgh had been actually listening to Linnell's concerns lately and had been realizing that Garfield is not that cat that he thought he was. They went to a restaurant to tell Garfield how they felt. This drawing is absolutely horrific. I drew it before the one where they first met Garf. I traced the table and chairs to make things easier for myself, but I still took so long for a drawing that was only supposed to be a joke. Anyways, they let him order some lasagna thinking that it would ease the pain for him a little bit. Sadly, Garfield expressed no emotions during this conversation. He was just there for the free lasagna. Maybe he was just there for the free lasagna the entire time. Did he even ever like Flansburgh? He just seemed to have left that man alone. How odd. Anyways, the conversation got very heated on Linnell's side. Flansburgh tried to be as nice as possible, but things went very sour. Linnell ended up storming out of the restaurant and Garfield politely left after he was done with his lasagna. Flansburgh really thought Garfield could change and was so disappointed to see no change of emotion in Garfield's face whenever Linnell stated his problems and showed him his large bruise.

Oh, happy days! They have made up many years later! They hadn't seen each other for thirty years and it was surprising for the Johns to see Garf again. Garfield thought to have apologized for his actions and what he put those two through. It took awhile for Flansburgh to convice Linnell that Garfield should join them on stage again and that he had fully changed as a person. Now Linnell lets Garfield lay on his lap and he's comfortable with petting him. Garfield is now more of a chill and loving cat than an evil one. Garfield really enjoys hanging out on Flansburgh's shoulder. He'll ask Flansburgh to hold Pooky for him when on his shoulder because it's difficult for him to grip onto his shoulder if he's holding something. I'm glad they've made up.