TMBG Dreams

This is a fun compilation of various dreams I have had involving any member of They Might Be Giants. They are most likely out of order and I could have the dates wrong for some of them. Some have been omitted for not being interesting enough, not having remembered them fully, or I forgot to write them down. You will easily notice that Flans has appeared the most in my dreams out of the many Giants out there. Unfortunately, I have a little crush on him so I think about him a lot which means that he will appear in my dreams a lot. I hope you enjoy reading them.

March 2019

  • My teacher was at my house and she was using my computer to type something which were the instructions for our next project. This project had to do with a TMBG movie. I remember there being a lot of them and most of them were animated with titles that were difficult to read. The one for "Rabid Child" had yellow font and had a drawing of Flans on it which looked similar to the drawing on the cover for their "O Tannenbaum" single. Later on They came into my home and were talking in the other room. Soon they left and Linnell was the only one who waved goodbye to me. I went into the room that they were in and saw that my couch was ruined. It was broken and ripped apart. I sat down to watch TV (Malcolm in the Middle was playing) and then they walked back in. Their manager was yelling at them for some reason.

May 2019

  • I was on a train in the dining area. I saw that Flansburgh was sitting alone and went to sit with him. He was very drunk and was laying down on the booth. At one point he k*ssed me and it was disgusting. He got so much saliva over my face. The train then crashed into a swamp that seemed to be as deep as the ocean. Some people and I were swimming around to find the missing train because apparently it was an alien ship.
  • Linnell and I were at an art gallery looking at pieces that were supposed to be TMBG themed, but they really weren't. They were either paintings and Linnell kept calling them photographs or they were photographs and he kept calling them paintings. They were all of cameras (I realize now that it is actually TMBG themed since Linnell likes cameras, but I guess it is technically Linnell themed). Linnell wanted to show me something and so he, some middle aged woman, and I walk over to this somewhere that he wanted to take me to. Whilst walking over there this old lady came up to me and said, "young people walk so fast." That's quite hilarious of her to say that to me since I was the youngest and was the one who was lagging behind. Once we got to this somewhere, Linnell took out measuring tape and started pushing it upwards to the ceiling.
  • I went to a concert and had Baby with me. I remember doing stuff with people and Logan Paul was there. He seemed to be very disappointed at the end of the concert. I may have angered him (if this were real life I would have yelled at him and so I probably did that in my dream). I then saw a bunch of pictures and some were of a group of people and they looked like they were on a field trip from some college. They stayed in a very fancy hotel and did something with TMBG. I remember Flans having something covering him mouth, his glasses were off, and his hair was slicked back. He was moving slowly. Maybe they were drawing him or experimenting on him. He may have had things hooked up to him.
  • We were watching this tape that was either of a random person or the Johns showing off toys and children's books. There was this weird part in the tape where Flans kept kissing this woman (she was not Robin! Scandalous!) and the other person who was watching it with me was like, "oop! Well, we're not looking at that part." The tape was being fast forwarded the whole time for some reason.
  • My brother recently went to this convention in Toronto and sent me photos from there. It looked like Flansburgh and Goldwasser were hosting a panel. The first text he sent was "Robin Goldwasser (???)" before he sent me any pictures. He then sent me a plethora of photographs and I wanted to reply with "Robin!!!," but I did not do that. The two of them were wearing funny outfits. Based on the pictures that he sent me, you could tell that they were just putting on more clothing as the panel went on. Suddenly my brother appeared to me and briefly talked to me about it. I was sitting with a group of people at a table in a cafeteria when Flansburgh appeared. He pointed to himself which resulted in him poking his belly and said, "I like to dress dapper," and then he pointed to me and said, "and you don't." I was dressed like shit compared to him, I couldn't even find my shoes! I started putting someone else's shoes on before I realized that I left my shoes in a different room. My shoes were very beat up and for some reason I had three shoes and I was having trouble choosing which shoe to put on one foot since I had two options. Some other stuff happened, but that's all that was important.
  • Linnell is my English teacher and I am sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring. A former classmate kept talking to me about something. I saw a sign above the door that said something along the lines of "FUN PAUSED. JOHN F FOUND." I wanted to take a photo of it, but then that dastardly John F. walked in.

June 2019

  • I had to die to go to this realm that was in complete chaos. I was in this house with Freddie Mercury (may have been a look alike) and he kept trying to stuff me into this closet where he kept his valuables. I went deeper into the house and went through this door where I encountered this woman. She was blonde and had a lot of pride related things in her room. I asked her on how I could get out of this pace and had to schedule an appointment with her that was in March. For some reason we started making out, but she kept talking. I forgot what she was talking about, but why would you start talking if you're going to make out with someone? I left that room and saw Freddie again. I tried to ignore him and left the house completely. I joined this militia for some sort of rebellious group. I kept trying to charge my phone, but it wouldn't work well. When I was with my group and trying to charge my phone that most likely did not work in this alternate realm, Flans appeared. He was wearing football padding and was like "they turned my music into shit!" I said something along the lines of, "yeah! That's why I came down here, to tell you that they ruined your music."
  • Some actor that I will not name and I went on this killing spree in this restaurant. We were wearing ice skates and were killing people with those. Although, we didn't really get to kill anyone, we just skated over skinned faces. I dressed into normal clothes before I left the restaurant so no one would think it was me. Some guy was accused of killing everyone and was being carried away. I saw that actor walk out of the restaurant in a white button shirt covered in blood. He somehow did not get caught despite having blood all over his shirt. That one actor, Flansburgh, and I then moved to Japan and kept getting presents from people in our hotel room. I looked at some old TMBG related stuff and kept asking John what years they were from. There was a pink paper inside of some pastry that had the Johns' faces on the top of it and had some stuff written below it.
  • This person on Tumblr made TMBG articles and always used already existing photos for it. There was also some Supernatural stuff there which was odd. I was in this room with everyone. It was me, Linnell, Flansburgh, and the person who makes the articles. I could not tell if that person followed me on Tumblr, but it was obvious that they have looked at my blog before. We were taking photos and it's weird that at some parts Linnell was there and at some parts he wasn't. Last thing I remember from the dream is that I was supposed to be in front of him for a photo and I was looking at him through a computer. His cat started clawing at his hat and it looked really funny. He was having such a difficult time getting his cat to detach from his hat. Then his cat was in front of me and everyone could touch them. To the right is an artist's rendition of Linnell struggling to get his cat off of his hat. I remember one photo being D*vid B*wie themed. People were naked and some were wearing leather suits in different colors. The Johns and I were supposed to make weird poses. At one point I was on the floor and Linnell dove straight into me and then Flans did, too. If this was real life I would have been crushed and could have died. After that particular shoot, Flans, that one Tumblr person, and I were talking about stuff. That one person from Tumblr misgendered me right in front of Flansy! He could easily tell I was uncomfortable by this.
  • This is my favorite dream so far. Flans and I along with a group of people got caught by this weird lady because she was giving out free weed. We encountered her earlier in the dream and got away from her, but this time we got in trouble. The first time we encountered her we were in our cars and somehow got in trouble for something. We tried to tell her that Flansy's band just released an album and we were going to play a song off of Apollo 18 to prove that we were telling the truth. Before the woman knocked on our window, I remember sitting behind Flans in the car and I kept holding onto his arm and k*ssing his face while he was looking on his phone. It was difficult to k*ss him since his headrest was in the way. He was wearing that green jacket that he has and blue jeans. I thought it was interesting how their latest release in this dream was Apollo 18, but Flans was holding a mobile phone from the 2010's. We ditched the car after she started interrogating us. We then encountered this person that was obviously wearing a cheap wig and fake moustache who said that they had free weed. We walked upon patches of ice floating on water and jumped from patch to patch to get to this person. I tried to stay on the ice, but Flans and the other person who was in front of me probably melted the ice a bit so I kept sinking. When we were in their house, they took off their cheap wig and fake moustache to reveal that they are the woman that we saw before! She asked us something and someone had to go up against her to get out of the house. Flans volunteered to be the first one and I was very worried about him. I k*ssed him before he left with the woman. Eventually everyone was gone in that room and I was the only person left. I encountered this other person and we came up with a plan to leave the woman's house. There were clothes everywhere in that room and we kept picking them up acting like we were going to try them on and figure out outfits ideas for the future. I am not so sure how that would have gotten us out of her home, but I woke up before I could figure it out. We never got any weed.
  • I watched this video that was supposed to be a compilation of videos used in Gigantic and they were from different movies that don't exist. Flans was doing commentary for it and one part there were a lot of cartoon characters on a battlefield with medieval soldiers (they were live-action). One point there was Snufkin on a car and Flans said, "I really wanted Snufkin to be on my car." It wasn't a real car, just a pile of hay on wheels. I then got a package from a friend of mine and it had things in it that related to that video. I got yellow plastic bags that had things in them and stuff was drawn on the front of them. There was a lot of Radiohead stuff in that package. There was an advertisement for a play that Flans was in. It seemed to have been circus themed. He was wearing one of those old flowy shirts that people wore back then. He had a stupid soul patch, too. He seemed to have been the ringmaster. He had a bunch of glitter on him. I think it was inspired by that serial killer play he was in.
  • I was trying to escape a Catholic school and Danny was there. He was wearing a lab coat and holding a clipboard. He must have been a science teacher there. I never got to escape the school, but I saw him a few times in that dream.
  • I was watching a video of a TMBG concert and they were taking their clothes off. The person holding the camera was mainly recording Linnell and the video was edited that everything looked off. Linnell's body looked very weird. His torso was way too thin and his biceps were way too large. He was at his keyboard and seemed like he was going crazy. He almost took his pants off, but not all the way. He went over to where Flans was and he had his shirt off too, but that was it. He was holding his guitar and was playing something.

July 2019

  • Family Guy already did a parody of vibe report being like a news show before I drew that picture of Flans acting like it's an actual news report. I copied my own dream from the future. It's disgusting!
  • I was at a TMBG concert and it also seemed to be someone's birthday somewhere in the 2000's. They changed where they were playing three times. First time they were sitting on chairs and people were sitting on the floor in front of them. Then they moved to an enclosed area in the same building and we watched them play behind the glass. They played "Why Does the Sun Shine?" and the building seemed to have been shaking from everyone jumping up and down. Then we went outside and Flans started singing that song again, but mainly to himself as if it was not part of the set. Linnell was gone by now. We were at picnic tables and Flans did a little signing. One person there said I looked like a male. She said I had male shoulders, male legs, male other stuff and then I said, "that's because I am one." I think she didn't believe me. It was sad to have heard that from her because I had somewhat befriended her during the show. We danced together and walked out to the picnic tables together. I had Flans sign my sketchbook since I didn't have anything else. I said, "I love you" to him. He responded with a weird expression on his face. I realized what I had said and said, "not in that way." He looked at me with one raised eyebrow and said with a smirk on his face, "in what way?" I answered with, "in a romantic way." That asshole had the audacity to fuck with me and said, "what not in a romantic way?" Annoying! I wanted to ask him for a hug, but he was signing something else at the time. Flans had really long hair in a ponytail. His hair looked very thin, I think he was balding. He was also wearing a shirt for little kids. It was baby blue with a zipper on the back and had flowers on it. At some point someone asked him if he was Jewish and he said that we've already been through this before (there is this interview from the 1990's where he was asked if he was Jewish and the disc jockeys based their thoughts of his potential Jewishness from antisemitic stereotypes) and then that same person proceeded to call him gay.
  • I was at Flansy's house which was a huge mansion. I kept going into different rooms and moved around some furniture. There was something that I had to do, but I couldn't remember what. At one point Linnell came and he was wearing the wrong trousers. It looked more like the live-action version of them. I think the two of them were going to work on some songs.

August 2019

  • I was at a mall and was going into Hot Topic. I was talking to Linnell about something. I hugged him for a long time. I started squeezing him really tight and he felt really thin, thinner that he most likely would be. He was either shorter in my dream or I was taller. I then figured out it was just someone roleplaying as him in this group chat. Somehow I also was just imagining him being there.
  • This one is short, but a group of people and I were watching Direct From Brooklyn and I noticed that there were things on there that shouldn't be there. There were songs that my brain made up. One of them was called "Mr. Chitters."
  • I was onstage at a TMBG show and was wearing a very lovely dress and some nice makeup. I fell off the stage and never returned. I saw a video online at the same show where a different guy fell off the stage. He was playing an ukulele. They were playing a huge venue, but there were only thirty people there all bunched up in front of the stage. One guy was in the middle of a section and had some noise maker in his hand. Only the Johns were playing and Flansy had long hair with no beard. Some people appeared at my old house and we played with water pistols for a bit. Then some went onto my roof and some stayed on the ground. We were watching the sky. Something was happening with our two suns. One of them was dying. It may have exploded.

September 2019

  • Oh, how beautiful! Flansy k*ssed my hand! He couldn't remember the joke that I made earlier in the dream correctly, but that was fine because I also don't remember what I said. I'm sure the joke was absolutely hilarious.
  • Flans and I went to many places. Sometimes he would leave and forget about me. I remember being in a fast food restaurant with him and giving him a yellow packet that said "mustard" on it. He said that it was spices and I corrected him and told him it was mustard since that's what it says. I put the packet up to the light and saw little red flakes in it. Somehow he was right.
  • Flansburgh had a monster truck named Maurice. Linnell was staring at the neighbor's dogs whilst his shirt changed colors. I asked if anyone had a spare guitar and no one did. I think the monster truck was a bit small and Flans was having trouble fitting inside of it.

October 2019

  • Flans and two other people were sleeping underneath my dining table. One person was sleeping on my couch. They wanted to crawl on the railings. I thought about it and then I realized that it would break if they did that. I kept trying to influence them to have this sleepover in my room, but they insisted on having it out there. I gave all of them a kiss goodnight. The guy who slept on the couch seemed into me because his kiss was longer than a normal kiss goodnight. I think he was gay.
  • I was looking at posters of Dunkin Of Course Of Course. The clerk there asked me something and I said, "oh. no, all I want is Dunkin." They gave me a donut and I said, "that's not what I meant."
  • I was on this bus and was trying to sit next to Robin. I was holding a pumpkin and I played Gogo13 for her. She didn't really say anything to me and when I got off people were making fun of me for liking Gogo13. Such a sad dream.
  • I was in this TMBG server and someone was like, "I know TMBG has some problematic songs and I love all of them." They proceeded to list all of the problematic songs and none of them were real songs. One of them had a really long title. One was an actual song by a different band that TMBG had never covered before. This person also inserted a picture of Flans wearing a t-shirt with some song titles printed on it. Most of them started with an H with one being "High Five" and another entitled "High." The song "Writer" was listed twice on the shirt. There was another song called "Fans."

November 2019

  • There was this unfinished commercial that TMBG did for the Powerpuff Girls. All I saw of the commercial in my dream was Linnell in this huge puffy navy blue winter jacket on an inflatable slide, sliding down and falling into the snow. The camera was now looking down on him as he smiled and looked directly into it. The camera then panned over to Dan and Flans laying down on the snow. They were also smiling and looking directly into the camera. Linnell was also wearing glasses the entire time that had thin frames. They seemed to look bronze. There was a comment on the video that said, "here's what happens when they don't have creative control over something."
  • A young Flansy and Linnie were performing in a school basketball court. They were holding this large guitar and were playing it together. Linnell was mainly doing the fingering and sometimes Flans would do it as well. Then our mayor came on screen and was like, "I wouldn't miss this for the world!" He then turned into Megamind and was like, "you guys know me as the guy who got bit by this bug," and he held up a dying Minion. Megamind also looked like he was dying.
  • Flansburgh was having a party and I was waiting for my friend to show up. I was trying to brush my teeth and this guy kept trying to make out with me. I just wanted to brush my teeth, man! You can wait! There was this Flans imposter there and later on he told me that he had a truck with some sort of beach themed platform attached to it where the party continued. Real Flans was talking to people and stuff. There was this huge wardrobe section and I wanted to change my clothes. These girls came up to the wardrobe section and kept talking about their really cool bags. I looked very feminine in this dream and was worried that people wouldn't perceive me as a man.
  • All I wanted to do was take a picture with Linnell, but he kept getting distracted and walked away from me. I kept going back up to him and was like, "Linnell, I didn't get my picture or my hug," and he was like, "oh, yeah!" We kept moving around to places that were more lit up than others. We were in this dark place. It was probably Chuck E. Cheese.

December 2019

  • Linnell: here's my song. Flansburgh: ...yeah, this is good. Linnell: thanks, I was listening to the Sound of Music whilst writing it. Flansburgh: Okay? *plays the Sound of Music* It sounds the same. Linnell: h- *explodes*
  • TMBG had a song called "Exit." The video for it was directed by kingpharma985. It was a Linnell song.
  • I was at this art class that I had dreamt of before. It seemed like we were supposed to draw Flans and I had to pick from different printed out photographs of him or pick out a photograph of Elvis. I moved around the room a bit and settled in this one area. This person sat down next to me and it looked to be John Flansburgh himself! He was playing with this gun. I was quite nervous next to him. He kept placing the gun up to his face. Arnold Schwarzenegger who was sitting next to him asked him if he was okay. There was something about if he used the gun he would get two dollars out of it. Arnold said to him, "get rid of the gun and I'll pay you that. Hell, I'll give you six hundred dollars." I said, "I'll take it, it smells like metal," and Flansburgh said, "well, it is made out of metal." I put the gun in my backpack and then suddenly Flans turned into this woman and she started singing. It seemed like class was over so we all left the room, but the teacher was about to come by and we noticed that they didn't like us leaving early. I saw this drawing of Flans sitting in a chair. He was leaning back with his feet propped up on the desk. It was just his silhouette and it said "someone keeps moving my chair" inside of him.
  • TMBG played at this concert and so did Gerard Way. Flans was dressed up as Lola. He looked so cute. The bottom half of his costume was orange so he looked like the lesbian flag, but upside down. Here's an attempted drawing of how he looked on the right. Flans seemed to have painted his face instead of just wearing a mask. He went in a more cat direction for the face. He wore some buttons, too. He may have been wearing a hat and a vest, but I could not remember. I think he may have been wearing a pronouns pin. I was very hesitant of him doing this because what if he used the wrong pronouns for the actual Lola? I guess the he/him pin was just for him and it didn't refer to Lola since they only use they/them. There was a picture of Flans in the crowd at the front and Lola was on stage. They were leaning down a bit and waving at Flansburgh's camera. He was taking a selfie with them. Lola looked rather skinny in that picture which was odd. I was struggling to watch that livestream of that concert because this podcast was playing in the background. This guy was talking about asking his girlfriend this question and her giving a dumb answer. Bill Nye was there and gave him some advice. That guy broke up with his girlfriend to marry Bill Nye.
  • A teacher played this remix of "Istanbul" with "Axel F." At the beginning Linnell said, "we fucked up," and then they restarted the song. Robin had a part in the song which was odd. I couldn't tell what year this performance was from. The video had different videos of the band compiled together. In one of the videos Flansburgh was in a knight costume and was holding a lance. He ran up this ramp and then fell off. There were two of him and they were strangling each other. I thought it was his brother at first, but his brother doesn't really look like him. Afterwards, I listened to "Dinner Bell" on my phone and it sounded wrong.
  • I was at some sort of art gallery that displayed sounds. Danny was there and he had a speech impediment. Flansburgh was disappointed in me for rushing through the sounds. I wasn't very interested in the sounds and the teacher there hated me so I was trying to leave quickly.

January 2020

  • They made a funny little flash game and Baby was in it. They also got an ask on Tumblr about R*ylo, but the ask didn't make any sense so I didn't understand their answer. Linnell also had his own Tumblr account. That would be a terrible idea of the real Linnell did that. He better have his asks and submissions turned off.

February 2020

  • Marty and the Johns were on American Idol. I can't remember if the Johns sang together or separetely, but I think Marty didn't even sing and he just played the drums. He also had a foreign accent and was married to someone else. His kids were there, too. They were sad that they didn't make it through to the next round, but they had fun watching others perform. It seemed like whenever you were done performing you went back into the audience. There were no chairs, you just stood and watched. Then we tried to go back to that venue years later, but we (it was only me, some random people, and some animals) saw that it was a zoo now. This lilac tiger and I landed in one of the cages.
  • Actually, this could be my favorite dream, but it's at the same level as the weed one. TMBG opened for Bong Joon-ho at a convention. They only played one song and then Flans talked about something unrelated to the panel for ten minutes straight. It was odd that Linnell had no instrument with him. I got a box full of TMBG stuff afterwards. I never really got to see Bong Joon-ho, I kind of saw him walking to the room before the panel. I think there was this part where Flans was trying to figure out if cishet was a slur or not.
  • People were getting their voices replaced and this one group of people were getting tortured down below the building. They just wanted their dresses to be viewed first. If you talked to them on the phone for a bit their voices would get replaced by someone else's for just a sentence. I forgot the specifics of what happened, but I remember Flans was wearing a white shirt with a brown blazer and he looked young. I think it was prom day because everyone was dressed nice.

March 2020

  • TMBG were playing "Violin" on some show. It started off with Linnell on keyboard playing something else. His keyboard was hanging off some wires and was bouncing around. He was playing with the house band and soon his keyboard was moved away from him. When he was singing "Violin," he had something over his face and then his face was revealed to be deformed, but then his face went back to normal. Flans stood behind him to the right. Then the camera was zoomed onto their hands. They held hands and at one point Flans took off his wedding ring. There may have been a hand fight at one point.
  • People were talking about what's it take to kill a John Flansburgh. Suspect was 59. I forgot what her name was. She may have shot the wrong John. Either Flans was shot or he was working with the shooter to kill Linnell. Flans ended up dying instead. There was only one site talking about this. Maybe her name was Sharon or Karen.
  • I had to write a song for Linnell, but it just ended up being "Baby Shark." I think it would be interesting to hear an accordion cover of that song.

April 2020

  • I was at Wal-Mart with Flansy and Linnie. I was getting a Sesame Street t-shirt and some Sesame Street socks from there. We then went into the fabric section and the Johns were asking the clerk about something. I really wanted this fabric with sequins on it, but it was expensive. I was looking at all the buttons when my brother came and asked, "so, this is what you eat?" I answered with, "yeah, this is for lunch."
  • I was reading a post on Twitter and was looking through the replies on it. They were talking about this TMBG song that was titled "Trans." I was going to comment that Gorillaz has a song called "Tranz." They could have been twins.

May 2020

  • The two Johns were teenagers. There is some sort of being in the basement and they had to get him out of there. He reminded me somewhat of Ivan Ooze. Everything got completely destroyed in Linnell's basement. One point we were off somewhere and somehow Linnell got ahold of that mysterious being's daughter and took her somewhere. We went back to Linnell's house thinking everything was okay. The mysterious being came back and threatened Linnell to give him his daughter back. He said he didn't know where she went. The mysterious being took Flans with him and they drove around town to find her. Linnell and I went back to his basement to see the aftermath of the wreckage. I was very scared to go back down there. Linnell had a flashlight and I told him to turn the lights on instead, but he opened the garage door. There was black goo everywhere and his video games were destroyed. I think this whole thing was actually a move because I remember having to find the second tape for the second part of it.
  • I was at a restaurant and saw Flansburgh there. It was before the show and I went to go talk to him. He made some sexual joke relating to groupies and it made me really uncomfortable. I think he made that joke because some guy was talking about me f*cking him. I then went into this machine that dispensed candy. It was this huge mechanism and there was a candy bar in the middle. There were walls around it with different openings that you had to crawl through and it spun around. Whilst in the machine I heard that the show was starting so I crawled out of one of the openings. I was now inside a mall. I go to the show and see that it is only Linnell on his keyboard with a very small audience sitting in front of him. People were asking him questions in between songs. Someone asked him how does he sleep at night and he said, "all the time." There were more questions, but I forgot what they were. There may have been a chalkboard next to him, too.

July 2020

  • I was watching this very odd version of "Don't Let's Start." I don't remember much from it, but the beginning was the same. Linnell was wearing a dress, a wig, and red lipstick at some parts. Flans and others kept saying that Linnell was a transsexual, but Linnell never stated himself if he was. His wig was blonde and looked very cheap. It was so messy, he should have combed it. His lipstick was also poorly applied onto his lips. I thought at first that Linnell was just trans in this dream, but I feel like it was all a joke. They were just joking about him wearing a dress and calling him a transsexual for laughs. That makes me so sad.
  • I was at some school. I couldn't find my class so I went to the English hall instead. There was this one class having some sort of contest. It had to do with things being awkward. I was sitting right next to Linnell and I kept touching his arm. I squeezed it at one point. The host was like, "here's our guest: John Linnell" and said some other stuff after that. The host described him by saying he will berate you if you have a TMBG tattoo and there was something about the way that he writes his songs. This little girl who looked like a who won. When I went home my children were pissed that they didn't win. My daughter looked somewhat like a pig and her head would expand whenever she inhaled.