As many do, I really enjoy listening to music. Here is a list of pages that I made for bands that I have had a major obsession with in the past or just really like. I've tried to put them in order of when I got into them. I hope you enjoy looking at them! Each page has their own design so please do not be alarmed when the color scheme changes.

I think I'll give a little history on my previous music tastes. I remember early in my life I would listen to the soundtrack for Shrek a lot. I also listened to Le Best of Cirque du Soleil. I would assume either my mother or my grandmother bought that. Afterwards, I did go through some sort of emo phase like how every kid is supposed to. That lasted from late elementary school to late middle school. During that phase I mainly listened to bands like Paramore, All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, Escape the Fate, and My Chemical Romance (I highly suggest checking out videos made by the Cozy Representative if you're a former emo/scene kid. He talks about a lot of bands during that era and their history). In middle school I started listening to more indie rock (it was just the more well known stuff so it's nothing to brag about) because I would mainly listen to whatever my brother listened to and he was putting that kind of stuff onto my iPod. This helped me get away from all that cringey emo music to something more respectable. I listened to bands like AJJ, Pixies, Neutral Milk Hotel, Daniel Johnston, the Beatles, Arcade Fire, Beulah, Silver Jews, and Vampire Weekend. I know some of those bands aren't indie rock like the Beatles, but some kids end up having a Beatles phase at one point and that happened to me during this time. Fortunately, I do not like most of these bands now. Indie rock is what I mainly listened to in high school until I became obsessed with Gorillaz in my junior year and then became obsessed with the Aquabats! after that. Now I just listen to whatever I want and don't need my brother to tell me what to do anymore. I'm a real independent man.

I do listen to other bands than the ones above, but I have problems with deviating from my current obsession so I usually listen to the same things over and over again until I find something new to latch onto. I also had this problem when I was a kid so I didn't really listen to many bands and was a major poser, not a real emo kid at all. I try not to limit myself to only one genre of music, but I feel like any new band I become obsessed with ends up being some sort of indie rock band. We'll see if it continues to be like that whenever my next obsession comes around. Some genres that I really enjoy now are ska and punk. I know none of the bands above fall underneath those genres besides the Aquabats! being ska at some points in time, but I do really like those genres. Right now I really like The Selecter, Krimewatch, Kittie, Bleed the Pigs, Elastica, Nova Twins, Saba Lou, and many more! It's a bit difficult for me to listen to new bands because of the thing I said at the start of this paragraph, but also because I really hate having to need an internet connection in order to listen to music. If I don't have it downloaded on my computer then I most likely won't listen to it. I do try to listen to something new at times on Sp*tify, but I usually end up just listening to Spongebob music.