Blue's Clues Headcanons

I wanted to make this for fun. Sometimes I think about things and I want to share them with the world. Here are some of these thoughts. I came up with them all by myself and was also influenced by other people. Please enjoy them and ignore the fact that this is about a preschool show. Don't take any of them seriously at all, I'm just having fun over here.

  • Joe makes all of his shirts. It's already canon that he made Boris himself so I assume that he sews his own shirts. This is why all of the shirts are the same style, but just different colors. This is also why all of his other clothes have this squares on stripe pattern. He just made all it himself. Joe also knows how to knit. This is technically already canon because he made the hat and scarf that Blue wears in the episode "Holiday Wishes" in Blue's Room. This could mean that he knitted the sweater that he wears in the episode "Blue's First Holiday" in Blue's Clues. Back to Joe's shirt, he writes his name on the tags. I know there's no reason for him to have a tag on his shirt if in my headcanon he makes them himself, but it's probably just some sort of habit that started in his childhood. A parent of his would write his name on the tags of his clothes and then whenever he got older they would have him do it himself as practice so he can learn how to write his own name. He didn't want to stop doing that so anytime he'd make a shirt himself he would add a tag onto it and write his name on it. It's kind of pointless, but it probably brings him comfort. The picture on the side is from the episode "Morning Music" just in case you were wondering.
  • Steve and Joe would sing songs to each other as kids. This is why Joe sometimes sings Steve songs like "I'm So Happy" and "We Sat On Down." There are some that are kind of repeated like "Go Back," "the Breakfast Song," and "the Magic of Theater" being turned into "the Magic of Playroom" for Blue's Room. I also think Joe is one to copy whatever his big brother does so this is another reason why he would sing songs that were originally Steve's. I feel like this is something that a lot of younger siblings do, though.
  • Joe should be gay. He did wear a rainbow of shirts and his main color now is purple so this means he should be gay. He's also my favorite so that's why I think this. I'm gay so therefore Joe should be gay. It's simple math, guys. This also means that Steve is bisexual, but only because of in "Blue's Big Musical" when he skidooed out of the sheet of music, he left the bisexual colors on it. I've added a screenshot of that on your right. Open the image in a new tab if you want to take a closer look at it. There is also that one scene in "What Does Blue Want to Make?" which happens at the end of the episode. They were making sock puppets and this episode was the birth of Sock Puppet who appears in later episodes. Whenever Steve gave Sock Puppet some eyes they said, "oh, that is so much better. You are so handsome," and then they proceeded to kiss Steve. I am going to ignore the fact that Steve is making this sock puppet kiss him because that's foolish behavior, but we'll go with it. Sock Puppet's gender seems to have a bit of discussion on the wiki. I think most people assume they're a boy, but I don't think any particular pronouns were used for them except when they were playing different characters in the episode "Puppets." I was using this to show that Steve is gay, but I think it moreso shows that he's single and desperately looking for love. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm sure he'll get a lovely boyfriend one day.
  • Steve, Joe, and Josh are all autistic. I don't think I have to explain why, but I'll add some reasons why I think this is the case. I think Steve is sensitive to loud noises just like me! He got startled by the phone in "Snack Time" and Tickety scared him in "Mailbox's Birthday." He also screams whenever Boo does and he also got scared by all of the animals in the skidoo segment in the episode "Nurture." This headcanon was also inspired by this one Steve Burns interview from 2010 when he said that he doesn't like noise and would run away from the vacuum cleaner when he was a kid. It just gave me the idea that his character would be similar in some way to that. Another thing to go along with the autism headcanon is that they all tend to wear the same thing everyday. I also would like to say that Blue is autistic, but I feel rather weird saying that about a dog even though others have said the same thing about her. She does act more like a human than like an actual dog so maybe it's okay. Well, she has a specific way of communicating that's unique to her, she's different than all of the other puppies (mentioned in "Blue's First Holiday"), and whenever she's stomping her feet she's just stimming. They all have their comfort objects, too! Josh doesn't have his own doll yet, but I'm sure he'll get one eventually. It did take awhile for Horace to appear so I assume we won't see Josh's doll until later. They all do really love their dolls. In the episode "I'm So Happy," Joe and Blue are helping a kid named Trevor. He said he was nervous because he lost his favorite toy and Joe replied with, "I'd be nervous too if I couldn't find Boris." This reminds me of the time when I forgot about Baby at a friend's house and cried. I didn't realize he was gone until it was bedtime and I couldn't get him back until the next day. That was an awful moment in my life. I can not live without Baby. In the episode "Blue Goes to the Doctor," Blue needed to hold Polka Dots when getting her shot. At the end of the episode, Blue and Joe are playing doctor where Blue was the doctor and Joe was the patient. Joe does the same thing with Boris and needed to hold him while getting his shot. Also, in the book "Joe Moves In: a First-Week Scrapbook," there's this part where Periwinkle does a magic trick to make Boris disappear and Joe was a little scared about that. I would also argue that Joe's special interest would be ducks. He was seen checking out a book from the library in "Blue Takes You to School" that was about ducks which is pictured on the left. Steve's special interest would be anteaters which was introduced in the episode titled "Animal Behavior!" He's mentioned liking anteaters in other episodes. I'm not so sure about what Josh's special interest would be because he doesn't have a doll yet. He must get one soon! I need to know what his favorite animal is. I know there is more I could say about this because it isn't all about special interests and sensory issues, but I'm just so awful at analyzing mannerisms and body language and other stuff like that to back up my claims. I know none of this is that serious and important, I just feel like I need more here. I also just do not find anything that they do to be weird or unusual because I find them to be quite relatable, but I've seen many people online saying that they're weird, creepy, stupid, childish, and whatever else so I don't understand what I'm missing. I always struggled with reading comprehension anyways so this is really hard for me to figure out.
  • What would Joe keep in his pockets? He seems to keep his notebook in his back pocket so there must be something in his side pockets. I think he would keep his kazoo in one of the pockets and maybe some extra crayons and possibly a harmonica. He would also keep his super awesome fidget spinner in the other one! He would have different color fidget spinners to match the shirt he's wearing on that day. He'd also have some fidget cubes since his favorite shape is the square and he would also have different colors of those to match the shirt that he's wearing. If we're talking about Joe now then I think he'd also have his cell phone in the one back pocket that he doesn't have his notebook in. The case would have his one stripe with squares on it and his homescreen would be of Blue with Boris. I think his lockscreen would just be of Boris. He really loves Boris.
  • Tickety Tock and Sidetable Drawer would often make little jingles together just like "Say What I Say" which is originally from A Playdate With Blue and is also on Blue's Clues Boogie! I can not remember if they've ever sang together again besides in the music show, but I think they would make up songs together a lot. They seem like they would be really close friends. I wish they'd interact with each other more.
  • Joe enjoys painting his nails. He has never done that in the show, but I think he should. I came up with this idea because I thought it would have been cool and super cute if his nails matched the color of his shirt. I think he would be really into that and would have gotten the others into painting their nails, too. That's why I always draw them with their nails painted. The one sketch of Joe painting Steve's nails is what started it all.
  • Blue would really be into fire. This isn't based off of anything in the show either, but she does like to mess with her dads a lot so I would like to think that she just lights stuff on fire sometimes just to mess with them. You'll see examples of that in the drawings linked in the previous headcanon.
  • I was thinking about them on social media and what kind of accounts they'd have. I don't know anything about TikTok except for the fact that I feel like some people should delete the app off of their phone, but I think Josh would do pretty good on the app. He would try to get Steve and Joe to dance with him. Steve doesn't understand how to floss and is confused by the whole thing and Joe would accidentally create the latest dance craze. It would only make sense for that happen since he dances all the time. Blue and Magenta would know how to floss, though. They would be GREAT at it. I think Joe would have an account on Tumblr and would make stimboards for people and would always reblog posts with a comment instead of keeping it in the tags. Joe would also use the site somewhat as an actual blog. He'd have some sort of following on there because he would often tell stories about places he's skidooed to and it seems like other people in the Blue's Clues universe aren't particularly aware of what skidooing is so they'd think Joe is just making these stories up when he's not. Whenever Steve skidoos into that photo of college in the episode "Steve Goes to College" there was a girl in the back who saw him skidoo there and she seemed a bit confused and just shrugged it off. So this is what makes me think that skidooing isn't a well known thing and is something that everyone can do, but aren't quite aware of it. I don't want to go into my theory about skidooing right now, I'm just trying to back up my idea that people would be confused about Joe's stories. Anyways, I think Joe would reblog a lot of posts of toys and would make posts about Boris as if he was a real human being.
  • This one Steve Burns interview from 2003 has got me thinking about Steve's life at college. He was asked about how he'd think Steve would be doing at college and answered with "it's almost impossible not to instantly think of Steve at a keg party underneath a beer bong, just terribly confused. You can picture him going up to these really hot girls saying, 'Hi, um, which way to the varsity hopscotch field?' He had a lot of trouble with shapes and colors. And imagine Steve in biology class: 'I have a couple questions, will you help me?'" The first thing that he said about Steve being at a party intrigued me. What I want to say is that I think Steve wouldn't really go to any parties. He'd go to one frat party thinking it would be more like the parties that he has at home and would get too overwhelmed by everything and wouldn't go to one again. A similar thing would happen to him with alcohol. I don't know if he knows what that is, but I'd imagine him being introduced to it by a college friend or something and would end up drinking way too much one night since he particularly isn't aware of the effects of it. He'll then wake up with the worst hangover of his life and his only hangover he will ever have to experience because it would cause him to stay away from alcohol forever.