About Me!!!

Some basic facts about me:

  • Name: Seymour
  • Age: whatever year it is minus 2000
  • Race: white
  • Gender: trans man
  • Location: United States

Some more in depth facts about me:

  • I'm right handed
  • I'm currently majoring in fine arts. Hopefully I end up with my bachelor's.
  • I have two scars on my head. One from a cyst that needed to be taken out and another from hitting my head on the leg of a bunk bed
  • I have the same birthday as Bob Dylan!
  • I like to draw ... a lot
  • I was in my middle school choir for two years and in my high school choir for just a semester
  • I like to collect toys!
  • I watch a lot of cartoons
  • I like to keep my nails short because long nails tend to make my eczema go crazy
  • I love puppets!!! They're so cool!!!
  • I was almost a twin. They died in the womb very early on. So glad I didn't end up being a twin because twins scare me a lot. Imagine there being someone who looks exactly like you. That's so terrifying. So I figured out this is called vanishing twin syndrome. It's pretty common.

Places You Can Find Me At

Main Tumblr, Art Tumblr, Main Instagram, Art Instagram, Twitter, Blingee

Email: nopandalk@gmail.com, Webkinz: taylorxyz, Discord: hifivesoup#2367

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