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I'm Seymour and this is my totally awesome site! I hope you enjoy looking around it. Click on the links to see something cool. In the "toys" section you will see pages for all of the toys that I own. I do own a lot of toys and I just wanted to share all of them. In the "art" section you will see a ton of art made by Seymour! I'm Seymour! In the "music" section there are different pages dedicated to the bands that I like. If you also like any of the bands in there then let me know! Maybe we could be friends. In the "cartoons" section there are pages for different cartoons that I like. Some aren't exactly cartoons, but can be animated from time to time. In the "movies" section I do a really short review of each movie I've seen in theaters. It's obviously not everything I've seen at the cinema, but they are of the ones that I still have my ticket from. Inside of the "findings" section are pictures of pieces of paper that I have found. There are some notes, zines, and other booklets in there. Underneath "edits" there are a bunch of edits made by me. There are mostly transparent edits, but if you lurk around my other pages you might find some other edits that I've made. "Other stuff" is just other stuff. Click on it and you'll see. "About me" is just a little page about this website's creator, Seymour. While you're at it, sign my guestbook right at the bottom. Thanks for coming! I hope you've enjoyed your stay here. Down below is a tiny log of recent updates to my site so if you ever come back, wonder what's new, and don't want to stumble upon things you've already seen, you can always check down below.


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