Hello and welcome to my totally awesome site! Click on the links on the left to look at some cool and interesting things. Check down below to see any significant updates that I've made to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here and maybe you'll learn something new! This site was inspired by the amazing and wonderful bluef00t. Thank you for introducing me to neocities.


3 January 2022

  • I added four new dolls to my sewn items page. They're the last dolls that I made in 2021! Go look at them.

11 November 2021

  • I changed the format of my Joe toys page because I didn't like how it was looking before and wanted to simplify it. I also added another blog post where I baked Blue's famous banana muffins. You can check those out if you'd like. I also deleted some previous logs. I think I might delete them after a few months since I feel like there's no sense in keeping them up for that long.

2 November 2021

  • Added two new dolls to my sewn items page. Go check them out! I also changed the other stuff page a bit. I added links to YouTube channels that I really like since people seem to enjoy that site a lot.

16 September 2021

  • I have been working on this site the entire time, but I haven't had anything major to add as an update. I've been deleting pages, deleting images, rewording things, and moving things around a bit. I keep going back to pages because I dislike what I wrote and need to fix it or add something to it just to make it sound better and make more sense so any page that you've been on before most likely looks different now. My thoughts keep changing so it's difficult to just leave a page alone. One thing that I want to do is go back to the start of this site. I created all of this just to talk about my kids. They're the most important thing in my life and I felt like what I had written about them before was rather dookie so I needed to update those pages. I hope you check those ones out. I also am trying to keep swears off of here especially in the toys and cartoons section. I don't intend this site to be for children, but that area of my site is mainly about things that are meant for children so I just thought it would be best to keep it rated G over there. I'll swear all I want in my blog/rant area, though. I know I still have a lot of pages that I need to make and update. I'll get around to those in the future.

3 July 2021

1 June 2021

  • I made some blingees and wanted to store them somewhere on here so TMBG has some and Blue's Clues has some. I also added another page to my Steve section. I updated this old comparison between TMBG and Steve from 2004.