Hello and welcome to my totally awesome site! Click on the links on the left to look at some cool and interesting things. Check down below to see any significant updates that I've made to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here and maybe learn something new!


21 April 2020

  • Changed things around in the findings section and added something. Okay, have fun.

12 March 2020

  • I changed the CSS again. Go look at stuff.

19 February 2020

  • I updated the Playskool My Very Soft Baby Doll page and got rid of the gallery. I added all of those pictures onto the main page so it's easier to look at the different versions and their boxes at once.

4 February 2020

  • I updated my Playskool My Very Soft Baby Doll page and also the gallery. I noticed some pictures were missing and I went to look for replacements and found some more important pictures. I hope you enjoy looking through them.

24 January 2020

  • I added another explanation to my list of trans tmbg songs. I also added another movie to my movie reviews (I talk about the amazing cinematic masterpiece called Parasite) and I also added State Songs to my tmbg album cover reviews because I finally listened to the whole thing.

29 December 2019

  • I added a page in the art section for the dolls that I've sewn. I also added a new calico critter and my rubber duckies to my animals page in the toy section. I also added a list of trans tmbg songs if you are interested in looking at. I also changed the design for the main pages and such. I didn't like how it looked before.

7 November 2019

  • There's a big change in the design of my site! I hope you prefer it over the old one. I wanted it to look a lot nicer and I learned some more CSS and HTML stuff. I still have a lot more to learn and maybe in the future this site will look many times better than it does now. I also added a movies and cartoon page. I redid some scans for my aquabats and tmbg pages.